A1 Quality Growers Group

A1 Quality Growers

On the initiative of D.T.I. reputable breeders and decided to block A-1 quality growers to set up. Growers are becoming more individually approached by foreign buyers. Language barrier, knowledge of the logistics system and commercial pressure on the grower is increasingly an issue

A1 Quality provides you with:

  • Marketing channels
  • Logistic processes
  • Marketing actions
  • Power to market
  • The A1 Quality Growers Group fulfills this as an accompanying role. With season-driven offers and as a communications hub between breeder, logistics and marketing channel market in several European countries take A1 you work out of your hands.

    Through a personally tailored to your organization membership assures you of your existing organization but certainly new customers. This process, or your organization without drastic change.

    The Foundation of the A1 Quality Growers Group

    A1 organizing and structuring your buying or selling process and support you to grow your company A1 Quality Group is an initiative of Aloys Draijer, green entrepreneur, gardener and garden specialist. The A1 group on several fronts:

    • Quality (A1 Quality)
    • Service
    • Expertise

    Aloys Draijer

    With more than 30 years experience in the nursery and garden center trade and extensive European network, this veteran in the industry ready for your sales and purchasing channels impetus. The A1 concept arose from the experience Aloys in recent years has gained in several large European garden centers. The spearhead of the concept is the highest possible return out of the square meter. This concept should on the other hand, the breeder to complement its high-(A1 quality) supplies instead of mass products.